Welcome to the Ricardo Flores Magón Academy

We are currently accepting application for new students.
Estamos aceptando aplicaciones para estudiantes nuevos.
We offer free full day Kindergarten / Ofrecemos Kînder de tiempo completo gratis

Our Mission / Nuestro Objetivo


The RFMA colectivo takes absolute responsibility to prepare all students for high school, college, and life- regardless of home language or background- by employing high expectations, a profound passion for teaching and learning, and an emphasis on social consciousness. Magonistas succeed not by chance, but rather through hard work, preparation, and urgency. By embracing our cultural heritage, RFMA educators work collectively to inspire our students to be champions in the classroom, on the tennis court and chess board, in college, and beyond.



El colectivo de RFMA asume la absoluta responsabilidad de preparar a todos los estudiantes para la escuela secundaria, la universidad y la vida - sin importar el idioma del hogar o el fondo cultural - mediante el empleo de altas expectativas, una profunda pasión por la enseñanza y el aprendizaje; y por un énfasis en la conciencia social. Los Magonistas no tienen éxito por casualidad, sino a través del trabajo duro, la preparación, y la urgencia. Al abrazar nuestro patrimonio cultural, los educadores de  RFMA trabajn colectivamente para inspirar a nuestros estudiantes a ser campeones en el aula, en la pista de tenis, en el tablero de ajedrez, en la universidad y más allá.
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RFMA Highlights


Tennis Program

RFMA is the only public tennis academy offering daily tennis lessons in the United States.

Chess Program

Our innovative Chess Program increases focus, critical thinking & determination.

Our Results

RFMA students exceed district and state averages on standardized tests!
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What people think of Magon Academy

1.-Parent:  With my daughter in kindergarten I didn’t know what to expect from the school here. My friends are surprised at the amount of homework she’s doing compared with their children. I feel this is just the experience my daughter needs to prepare her for college and beyond. Her teacher is available anytime, for anything needed, to assist in my child’s development.

2.- Gina Milan: Excelente escuela! Gianella mi hija se graduo este verano de RFMA, fue buenísimo para ella. GRACIAS POR TODO SU TRABAJO!
Excellent school! Gianella my daughter graduated this summer from RFMA, it was great for her. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK!

3.- Trena Michelle: This school has turned out to be a great school and looking forward to the upcoming year. Thank you to the teachers and staff!

4.- Sheccid (Student): Has gotten me higher I love it!