In order to make sure our Magónistas can become articulate Problem Solvers, we need to make sure they feel comfortable learning to speak up and out. But learning to find your voice can be a scary process. So to support this, our students start taking Teatro classes from the very beginning of kindergarten. This means that by the time they leave for high school, our students have been on stage for nine years learning how to engage an audience and think on their feet.

Our Teatro classes range from basics like how to project while on stage to improv and writing your own pieces. Because we have such a robust scope of development over the years, it means the vast majority of our Magónistas leave us with a refined understanding of what it takes to engage in a public forum. And we value this skill very deeply because the first step in actualizing change is that someone has to hear what you are saying. This happens only if you’ve learned how to speak in a way that engages and does not alienate.

In addition to teaching these skills, Teatro also coordinates several annual community shows each year that honor our cultural heritage. One of our favorites is at the very start of the school year. Our students hit the stage and immediately begin preparing for the first performance of the year on second Friday of September to honor Mexican Independence Day on Dieciséis de Septiembre. Each class learns a dance, song, or poem related to the history of the day and they perform in costume – much to the delight of anyone in attendance.

For a school that values both the culture and voice of its students, Teatro is less of an elective course and more a part of our core studies. And you can hear it in responses you get from our Magónistas.

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